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Church renovations

Posted on 05. Aug, 2010 in Parish News

We have major renovations continuing on Holy Trinity Church and it is our aim to restore it to its former beauty and dignity.

Currently we are attending to the outer stonework, which has deteriorated greatly over the years. This is highly specialised work and labour intensive. As this is a “listed building” we are working closely with the Heritage Section of the Department of the Environment. Works are being carried out to stabilise and conserve the building so as to restore it to a sound structural condition. With the guidance of the Heritage Section we aim to avoid any adverse appearance of the building, which might seriously diminish its authenticity.

At the moment the spire has been restored and work is continuing on the tower of the church. We will then examine the outer walls and repair where necessary.

When work begins inside the Church we will improve the lighting, heating system and also paint the interior. Attention will also be given to the sanctuary area.

We estimate that the cost for work on both exterior and interior of Holy Trinity will be £2,036,000. Broadly this is £1,400,000 for the exterior and a further £636,000 for the interior.

While it is difficult to give an accurate date we are hoping that the works outside and inside will be completed around early Spring of next year.

I wish to express my heartfelt thanks to all who in any way are making this work possible by the various fundraising activities and personal donations that have been received. Without your generosity this important work could not have been undertaken.

Church renovation fundraising

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