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Sacrament of Marriage

Posted on 07. Aug, 2010 in Sacraments

Pre-marriage course is essential: Please contact priest well in advance of the year of your marriage.

There is a meeting in November for those couples getting married in the next Calendar year. This session outlines the church and civil documentation, which must be completed.

The Letter below, is sent to those parishioners requesting marriage in Cookstown Parish.


Cookstown Parish

1 Convent Road Cookstown Co. Tyrone BT80 8QA

Tel 028 – 86763370

Fax 028-86758814

e-mail Fr.

Dear Parishioner

Thank you for selecting this parish for your wedding. Below you will find some notes, which I trust you will find helpful in your marriage preparations.

Church requirements :-

  • 3 months notice
  • pre – marriage preparation ( Accord – Portadown – (028) 3833 4781)
  • completion of “Pre – Nuptial Enquiry form” – your priest will assist with
    this document – recent baptism certificate and confirmation certificate
    required, letter of freedom (if necessary),

Legal Requirements

Inform the Registrar of Marriages of date of marriage

Obtain a form from the Registrar for the celebrant to sign. Obtain a “Schedule” close to the date of your wedding. The Marriage Registrar will give you more complete details.

I will be also be available to give you any other assistance you need regarding the Wedding Ceremony.

Wishing you every blessing

Fr. G. Tremer P.P. & Fr. Emlyn McGinn C.C.

Cookstown Parish Wedding guidelines 2010

The following guidelines are to assist you with your marriage ceremony preparations:

Hymns & Music: There are many religious hymns, which celebrate the glory of God and the love between people. Other love songs are more suitable for another time during your wedding day. Please consult with your priest before deciding hymns for your wedding
Readings The readings of the Word of God must of course be from the bible
Flowers Flowers can add to the beauty of the Church. However please do not have any flower arrangements on the altar. Never use pins or sellotape to attach flowers to seats or walls in the church
Photography Photographers and DVD recording equipment are not allowed on the sanctuary of the Church.
Arrive on time Arriving on time is not only good manners but can reduce the stress of those having main roles in the ceremony.
Signing of the civil registration form. The signing cannot take place in the sanctuary of the Church.
Never encourage the throwing of confetti in the church or church grounds
Monetary gifts -Upkeep of the Church, Altar Servers, Priest, Sacristan, If you are giving monetary gifts please give separate envelopes for each donation
Useful website

Download Wedding Guidelines – 2010.pdf

Getting Married in Rome

As there are several forms to be completed, early preparation is essential. In the first instance, contact your local priest and then the Irish College in Rome – 003906 – 77263301 or,

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