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St. Patrick – Apostle of Ireland

Posted on 16. Mar, 2013 in Liturgy, Parish News

Patrick Smaller FaceToday we celebrate the feast day of St. Patrick. We give thanks to God for his work in Ireland. Through his apostolic activity he was able to bring the Catholic Faith to our ancestors. He was a man of great humility and trust in the Lord. He understood that the fruit his work was due to God’s grace. He brought the message of redemption, the healing of sin, the hope of eternal life. He brought the certainty and the security of knowing that we can belong to God’s Holy People, the Mystical Body of Christ, the Catholic Church. Thanks to his heroic generosity, the Word of God and Seven Sacraments became essential to life of Irish men and women throughout the ages and throughout the world.

It probably seems a given that Patrick should have returned to the land of his captivity. He was a slave, and surely treated as one. He was ripped from his family and home, from his culture and brought to a foreign land that seemed so very far away. As a Roman, he was use to the town centred and empire structured society. He was brought up according the customs of the Romans. He was raised in the faith of Christ.

As a young man, his life was transformed. The unimaginable had taken place. His world had ended. He was now among a barbarian people, considered to be a threat to the empire. A people that had a different language and customs. A people that was rural and worshiped in a way unknown to him.

During his time of captivity he found company in the Person of Christ through prayer. He was able to go beyond the harshness of his situation and enter into that inner sanctuary where he could commune with the Lord God. It filled him with enthusiasm and hope.

Eventually, he escaped. Now he was at last free. And then he heard that haunting call, that summons, “The voice of the Irish”. Why should he go back? Why should he risk it all. He understood that God was calling him. So he set out on a mission to bring the Good News of Salvation to the land of his captivity. In a sublime act of generosity he would risk death for the sake of the Lord and the people to whom he was to go.

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