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Holy Trinity College Pilgrimage to Knock

Posted on 04. May, 2013 in Parish News

Holy Trinity College Pilgrimage to KnockKnock-Shrine1

(Fr Cathal Deveney)

Each year, members of the staff of Holy Trinity College organise a pilgrimage to Knock. The pilgrimage is so popular among students that the places on the two buses, around 90, fill up very quickly. This year 89 students went with ten staff. This was my third year attending the pilgrimage as chaplain.

What do we do in Knock? When we get there, it is time for lunch. Following lunch, we go to the main basilica to do the Stations of the Cross. Many of the students have an opportunity to carry the cross that was made in school. It is a quiet and very personal moment for prayer and reflection.

Later on we have Mass celebrated in the Apparition Chapel. This is the highlight of the day. In the company of the Blessed Virgin Mary we gather around her altar to worship her Son, to entrust all our hopes and cares into her hands. The students, read, sing, bring up gifts, and leave many many petitions in the hands of Our Lady.

I have included a few paragraphs from some of the students who went to Knock:


Ellen Campbell

This year marked the fifth time I have gone on pilgrimage to Knock. Each time has been a wonderful experience but this year was the best yet …… so calm, peaceful and conducive to prayer. One aspect of the pilgrimage I always notice is the spirit of friendship & kindness between students and teachers. Going to Knock always recharges my batteries and helps me to keep God in the first place in my life.

Emma Ward

This year was my second time going on pilgrimage to Knock. I always find the experience very worthwhile. It gives me the opportunity to reflect and connect with God. It was great to spend the day with my friends and teachers outside of school. Knock is a beautiful shrine and when you are in the apparition chapel you feel like you are very close to Jesus and Our Lady.

Laura McAleer

This was my second year going to Knock. I like going as I feel there is something very special about what happened there all those years ago. The day went very fast and we were all involved in the various activities. I particularly liked the music and singing. I hope to go back to Knock next year as I always have things I need to pray for. It is a good opportunity to get away fromdistractions and listen to God.


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