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Lenten Talks

Posted on 23. Feb, 2018 in Faith, NEWS, Parish News

Please find information on our four Lenten Talks being hosted in the Parish of Badoney Lower (Gortin /Rouskey). We wish to extend a warm invitation to all Parishioners to attend.
Mickey Harte – Wednesday 28th February in St Mary’s Church, Rouskey at 7.30pm
The Family – Where we learn we belong
Mickey Harte is a person who needs no introduction. A husband, father, brother, teacher, football manager & strategist and above all, a man of deep faith & integrity. His personal witness to hope has helped him, his family, his county and many communities to take both triumph and tribulation in their stride. He draws his inspiration and strength from God through prayer and encourages others to do likewise.

Davide Barbieri – Wednesday 7th March in St Patrick’s Church, Gortin at 7.30pm
The Family – Where we learn to live with weakness
From a life in darkness, slave to drugs and crime, to a life of light by living as a missionary of joy. Davide Barbieri, Italian born, had spent all his youth from twelve years old to twenty-five years old, on heroin and was affiliated to a group that run crime and pain in Northern Italy. On his way to Emmaus, after attempting suicide five times, he had encountered the Mercy and Love of Jesus in 1996. Since then, in 1999, he opened the Community Cenacolo in Knock, Co. Mayo. He is married with six children. He works for the Aid to The Church in Need Ireland and gives talks in schools, parishes and prisons to give his testimony and would like to give people in pain, hope and joy.

Richard Moore – Wednesday 14th March in St Mary’s Church, Rouskey at 7.30pm
The Family – Where we learn to be kind & cope with acceptance & forgiveness
Richard’s story is an example of where triumph overcomes tragedy. As a young boy Richard had a tragic experience which resulted in his life changing forever. However, he did not allow this experience to hold him back and has gone on to live an inspiring and fruitful life. In 1996 Richard felt the need to harness all that he had learned and put it at the service of humanity, particularly children around the world who have been caught in the crossfire of poverty and thus he set up Children in Crossfire who work in Tanzania and Ethiopia and respond to the needs of young children in the areas of health and education. Richard has been recognised globally for his charity work and is described by His Holiness the Dalai Lama as ‘His Hero and Friend’.

Andrea Begley and Youth Mass – Friday 23rd March in St Patrick’s Church, Gortin at 7.30pm
The Family – Where we learn to cope with challenges
Andrea Begley, originally from Pomeroy, developed a serious eye condition which meant she was registered blind from the age of nine. With the support of her family and local primary school Andrea continued her education, progressing to study law and politics at Queens University Belfast. At 21, she entered the Northern Ireland Civil Service as a graduate entrant and completed a masters in law and governance in 2014. Andrea has always maintained a huge interest in singing and performing, from the early days of the parish choir. Music is definitely a family affair with her aunt being Philomena Begley, the local country music legend. In 2013, with Danny O’Donaghue from the Script acting as her mentor, Andrea won the 2nd Series of the Voice UK and later that year, her debut album reached no. 7 in the UK charts. Since then she has performed across Ireland, the UK as well as China. Andrea also acts as an ambassador for the RNIB (Royal National Institute of Blind People) in Northern Ireland, regularly speaking and campaigning for the organisation. Throughout her life Andrea has relied on the support of her family and faith has also played an important part in giving her strength on what has sometimes been a challenging journey.


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